Derek Bruce and Angel Richards-Bruce

We are artists that choose to create films (or motion pictures) to express our passion for people and their stories.   We refer to ourselves as cinematographers as we hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism for achieving artistic and technical decisions relating to the film.  We frame our shots, utilize professional lighting and on many occasions, guide or direct as needed.

We love interesting people, and we love the stories they tell, and ultimately becoming friends.  As important as our skills in telling stories are, the ability to find and make an emotional connection with our clients is something we pride ourselves in doing.  After all, it is your story as seen through our lenses and perspective.  Perhaps even more important is hearing our friends’ reactions years later when they have the experience of being able to relive the moments over and over.

We film a limited number of projects each year to keep the integrity and quality of a very important time to the standard we’ve set for ourselves.  Our passion reflects this disposition and we stand apart from others because of it.

We want to help you make the most of every moment.  Your story becomes another chapter, you become a part of our group of friends and family.

We are based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado and we are not afraid to travel!  We prefer to stay with friends and family, not only helping financially, but helping us get closer to those you love and even allowing for some insight into your lives.  From Laguna Beach in California, to the vineyards of the East Coast, we’ve been to some amazing places and have met many amazing people, our friends.  And now we would like to meet you!

Don’t wait for a moment!
Make it.

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