One of our favorite moments in life that we get to capture and you get to share over and over. You know you’ll be too nervous to fully enjoy it or even remember how it went. Imagine being able to watch yourself proposing and seeing the reactions of both yourself and your loved one! Then, when those pesky friends ask how you proposed you can say, “Hey, why listen to me describe it when you can watch it!” Plus, you get to share it with loved ones that are far away.


Now, if you’re not feeling too creative, we can double as your engagement consultants and brain storm with you. We provide the rain, you just soak it all up and smile and nod. Want to rent out a theatre for your own movie and propose on the big screen? Been there. Done that. We’ll hook you up with our friend and voice over artist Al Chalk!


Whatever you can imagine, we want to be a part of it and help create a memorable day with you. We can even help you turn it into a special “Video Invitation” for your wedding invites!

Don’t forget us when you get married! Check out our ‘Weddings’┬áservice to see what more we can do for you!