We love anniversaries, family outings or reunions, graduations, anything that’s fun to be in, around or on. Whether it’s a corporate fund-raiser, a prom, football game, soccer practice, dance recital… You want to remember it or relive it later on. We can help with that.

Here’s a few ideas that we can help you create:


Have you used us before, or do you have video footage of your graduate as they’ve grown up? We can take that footage, add some monologues from friends and family, overlay with some great music, and… Voila!!! You now have a heartfelt, fun, funny, sometimes embarrassing, congratulation movie that you and they can keep forever! Plus we can come to the party and capture all of those fun memories too!

Family Reunions

You love your family. You want to remember the fun you’ve had with them. So instead of missing out on the fun, let us make a movie for you! You never know! Maybe we’ll catch that joke that grandpa always tells that you can’t help but laugh at! You’ll see the laughs, smiles, and hugs that you will always cherish. Then you’ll have it to share with your kids, their kids, their kids, and so on.

Extra Curricular Activities

Whether they take Ballet, or dance, or play sports, or are in a play, you want them to be able to see how they did right!?! How about seeing yourself watching them: the tears you get in your eyes because of how proud you are of them; the excitement you have when their team, or more importantly when they, make a goal; the astonishment when you see them break their first board. We’ll catch it all.


Are you going skiing/snowboarding? How about a cruise? Or Disneyland/World? Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, why don’t you sit back and just have fun while you let us capture those fun moments for you?

Is someone you know going into the Military? Check out our service for you under ‘Military’.