Imagine how your loved one will feel to see your face, your smile, to hear your voice and your love. We take the footage that we captured when you were together (a family date perhaps), then we combine it with some new footage taken at a later time (maybe the family putting the care package together), giving you an opportunity to send your message in a much different way than you may be used to. Very similar to the monologues in our weddings and graduations: we want you to tell your loved one just how proud you are and how much you miss and love them. It’s hard for all of you to have them away from you, so let us help you make them feel closer to home and to you.
Not in the Military but your family member is away from home? We can do this for you too, give us a buzz! They won’t have access to a Blu-ray¬†player or USB stick? No worries! Check out our ‘Private Video’ service, it may just be the thing for you!